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the tongith show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is an American late-night talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Produced by Broadway Video and Universal Television, the show originally premiered on February 17th of last year. Overall, it is the seventh incarnation of the long-running Tonight Show NBC franchise. Fallon serves as the show’s sixth host, the most recent being Conan O’Brien before Fallon. The show also stars Steve Higgins as Fallon’s sidekick and the show’s announcer, with the show’s house band The Roots serving as musical accompaniment.

The Show airs at 11:30 pm ET/PT, opening with Fallon’s topical monologue. From there, the show typically transitions to a comedic sketches or games, and then concludes with a guest-star interview and then a closing musical performance. Of all the Tonight Shows, Jimmy Fallon’s has attracted the most viewers since its debut in 2014, consistently beating out its competition in terms of viewership ratings and overall likability. Additionally, many games and sketches from the television series have produced viral videos, which only further put Fallon’s show ahead of the competition. The show has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, winning a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Program for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience.jimmy-fallon-tonight-parody

In 2009, Jimmy Fallon, former cast member on Saturday Night Live, was appointed as the third host of the Late Night show by Lorne Michaels, the executive producer at the time. Much of his commercial success as the show’s host comes from his incorporation of the internet into his show, which he does much more frequently than any other host before him. His show is more than informative—it’s entertaining and up-to-date with the newest news and the most recent current events. The show found its footing under Fallon’s leadership. According to former Saturday Night Live cast mate Tina Fey, the show established itself as “an uncommonly warm, welcoming show.” The New York complimented Fallon’s good humor and said, “In the relative safety of his 12:35 a.m. time slot, Fallon has been cultivating a distinct, and refreshing, strain of humor: the comedy of unabashed celebration.”

The premiere episode under Jimmy Fallon received mixed but generally positive critical reviews. The New York Times ’​s Alessandra Stanley referred to the show’s premiere as “more sweet than sassy,” calling Fallon “the grateful heir, the eager freshman, the class clown with top grades and a good heart, someone older viewers can embrace without fear of being mocked or overlooked.” Similarly, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter gave the show a positive assessment, but noted that Leno’s fan base may not be as quick to latch onto Fallon’s new brand of The Tonight Show and accept him.

Entertainment Weekly summarized the show’s inaugural year, stating “In his first year as host of The Tonight Show, [Fallon] turned the revered late-night franchise into the hottest party in town, a celebrity playpen full of games, music, surprise guests, and good vibes all around.”

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights on NBC at 10:35 Central time. Just click http://www.s9.com/charter/charter-bundles-.html to sign up for one of the Charter Cable Feals and keep up with this show.jimmy-fallon-tonite-show


When MTV first announced that they were developing a TV series based on the popular Scream franchise, many Scream fans were delighted. The TV series was initially planned to air about a year after the release of Scream 4, which was the franchise’s popular return to the big screen, but the series was put on hold while MTV looked for new writers and directors.  And although MTV recently announced that they plan to air the series in the summer of 2015, things are not looking up for ‘Scream.’ Why? Read on and find out!

It’s been delayed—twice

As we mentioned before, Scream was originally supposed to air on TV relatively quickly after the release of Scream 4. This was likely because MTV wanted to capitalize on the sudden surge of interest in the series. However, this quick release was not to be, and the show was delayed. MTV announced in late 2013 that the show would finally be airing in the summer of 2014, with the possibility of a full season being picked up depending on the show’s ratings. And yet the summer of 2014 came and went with no sign of Scream—until MTV announced that they would actually be airing it in 2015!

scream-car-crash They may not be allowed to use Ghostface

Due to licensing and copyright issues associated with the popular ‘Ghostface’ character, MTV’s Scream TV series may not actually be allowed to use Ghostface in the series. In fact, MTV confirmed in early 2014 that they currently had no plans to include the character due to the copyright issue! This means no killers with the iconic mask and even more iconic voice. But what will Scream be without Ghostface? Without a ‘Ghostface’ killer, it may as well just be another teen murder mystery by any other name, rather than an entry in the Scream franchise.

It’s not relying on the Scream film mythos

Because the show’s writers will not be allowed to use a lot of the characters from the original Scream franchise, it will essentially be an unconnected story that has no ties to Sydney or any previous characters or storylines. The Scream franchise is intrinsically tied to Sydney Prescott and without any connection to the original films, the TV show will likely not hold much interest for fans of the show looking for some thrills on TV. You can find more information here.scream-victim

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podiatrist-careA podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in feet. Podiatrist is a specialized branch of the medical profession that is most often used for patients who are recommended by their family doctors. Podiatrists serve a select community, but their services are no less important. If you are in need of the services of a foot doctor, then there are a number of steps you must take to find the right podiatrist to fit your needs to meet the health needs of your toes and feet.

You can begin by looking for all the podiatrists in the Asheville North Carolina area, preferably those that are well established and have offices easy for you to reach. Google is a good source of information. Do a search for Asheville Podiatrist in Google and see who has the best  and the most reviews.

Your family and friends are obvious sources of recommendations as well as your family doctor. You should accept their advice with gratitude, but do not feel obliged to select their recommendations until you actually meet with the podiatrist.Podiatrist-foot-care

Board Certification
Podiatrists are certified either from the American Board of Podiatric Surgery or the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Podiatric Medicine. Make sure that your podiatrist is certified by at least one of those two boards.

Initial Meeting
You should schedule an initial consultation with the podiatrist. Their staff should be friendly and accommodating and the doctor should be courteous and listen to your needs. If you feel rushed or not feel that your are being paid attention to, then select another podiatrist.

While most podiatrists will be friendly and courteous, one thing you need to look for is how informative they are about your foot issues. Itís not good enough for a doctor to tell you what to do. They should also tell you why you need to do it. A good podiatrist will explain in clear details how to overcome your foot issues and set goals that are realistic in their treatment plan.

Comprehensive Care
Within podiatry, there are many different specialized fields that deal with specific ailments to the feet or ankles. From sports medicine to diabetic care, reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries to geriatric podiatry and much, much more, the podiatrist you choose should be one that fits your needs.

For example, if you are suffering from diabetes, then having a sports medicine specialist is probably not a good fit. Furthermore, youíll want your podiatrist to keeps up with the times as well. Continuing education and branching into new areas of interest is a good sign.

Does the podiatrist embrace the latest medical and technical equipment? There have been a number of advances in recent years from laser treatment for toenail fungus  and foot pain to diagnostic equipment that reveals the causes of foot ailments more quickly than ever before. If the podiatrist is still using old fashioned diagnostic and treatment equipment, then you need to see another.

Finding the right podiatrist in the Asheville NC area, means getting one that is certified, specializes in your needs, has the equipment needed and cares about you. Your efforts should be directed at finding the podiatrist who meets that criteria the best.

Do you live in or near Asheville North Carolina? When a person is injured on the job, or elsewhere, due to the negligence or wrong actions of another, he or she may need an attorney to recoup financial losses due to physical or emotional damages. While it is possible for a person to represent himself or herself in court, pro se may not always be the best option. In pro se cases, a person is responsible for filing the correct papers at the correct times, knowing the laws and interviewing witnesses, among other responsibilities, as they pertain to the case.

personal injury

Also, in a pro se case, if the defense should want to settle out of court, an individual with no legal experience may have a harder time negotiating a fair amount for the settlement. If a plaintiff is already experiencing physical or emotional distress, the elongated process and extra work of pro se representation can exacerbate mental and health-related problems.

There are also the financial ramifications to consider. If a person opts for self-representation, it can cost even more money in lost time from work, as well as correcting costly mistakes. So, if the best option is to have an attorney, how does one get the right attorney on a limited income?

Since personal injuries can take a toll on personal savings and attorneys can be expensive, people in Western North Carolina often think they do not have another choice but to defend themselves.  Before making a decision that may cost the plaintiff his or her compensation, it may be wise to check into attorneys that are willing to limit the scope of their representation or that are willing to work on a contingent fee basis.

A contingent fee basis is a form of payment in which the lawyer takes a percentage of the award given to the plaintiff. This provides for the immediate representative needs the plaintiff has and gets the legal process for financial compensation started. Limited scope representation is an option if contingent fee representation is not possible. Check here if you need an Attorney in Asheville North Carolina.

Limited scope of representation may depend on the particulars of a case, and whether or not an attorney is willing to provide limited scope representation for a personal injury case. typically “limited Scope representation is used where the client pays a flat, or fixed, fee for defined services.  Some attorneys are willing to work on this basis.   However, should a lawyer be willing, limited scope representation can help save money and provide the plaintiff with valuable legal knowledge in certain circumstances.

Through limited scope representation, an attorney can advise the client, help the client with legal forms, a list of witnesses, or other aspects of the case that the plaintiff may not be able to handle alone.


While all attorneys will not offer limited scope representation for personal injury cases, a quick look online or in the phone book can give a person a good place to start. People that are searching for the right personal injury attorney can make a list of lawyers and call them. This can save some time and effort, and allow valuable resources to be put where they are more needed. Many times there is no fee for asking if they will represent clients on a limited scope representation basis.

Personal Injury Attorneys Asheville NC