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Do you live in or near Asheville North Carolina? When a person is injured on the job, or elsewhere, due to the negligence or wrong actions of another, he or she may need an attorney to recoup financial losses due to physical or emotional damages. While it is possible for a person to represent himself or herself in court, pro se may not always be the best option. In pro se cases, a person is responsible for filing the correct papers at the correct times, knowing the laws and interviewing witnesses, among other responsibilities, as they pertain to the case.

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Also, in a pro se case, if the defense should want to settle out of court, an individual with no legal experience may have a harder time negotiating a fair amount for the settlement. If a plaintiff is already experiencing physical or emotional distress, the elongated process and extra work of pro se representation can exacerbate mental and health-related problems.

There are also the financial ramifications to consider. If a person opts for self-representation, it can cost even more money in lost time from work, as well as correcting costly mistakes. So, if the best option is to have an attorney, how does one get the right attorney on a limited income?

Since personal injuries can take a toll on personal savings and attorneys can be expensive, people in Western North Carolina often think they do not have another choice but to defend themselves.  Before making a decision that may cost the plaintiff his or her compensation, it may be wise to check into attorneys that are willing to limit the scope of their representation or that are willing to work on a contingent fee basis.

A contingent fee basis is a form of payment in which the lawyer takes a percentage of the award given to the plaintiff. This provides for the immediate representative needs the plaintiff has and gets the legal process for financial compensation started. Limited scope representation is an option if contingent fee representation is not possible. Check here if you need an Attorney in Asheville North Carolina.

Limited scope of representation may depend on the particulars of a case, and whether or not an attorney is willing to provide limited scope representation for a personal injury case. typically “limited Scope representation is used where the client pays a flat, or fixed, fee for defined services.  Some attorneys are willing to work on this basis.   However, should a lawyer be willing, limited scope representation can help save money and provide the plaintiff with valuable legal knowledge in certain circumstances.

Through limited scope representation, an attorney can advise the client, help the client with legal forms, a list of witnesses, or other aspects of the case that the plaintiff may not be able to handle alone.


While all attorneys will not offer limited scope representation for personal injury cases, a quick look online or in the phone book can give a person a good place to start. People that are searching for the right personal injury attorney can make a list of lawyers and call them. This can save some time and effort, and allow valuable resources to be put where they are more needed. Many times there is no fee for asking if they will represent clients on a limited scope representation basis.

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