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When MTV first announced that they were developing a TV series based on the popular Scream franchise, many Scream fans were delighted. The TV series was initially planned to air about a year after the release of Scream 4, which was the franchise’s popular return to the big screen, but the series was put on hold while MTV looked for new writers and directors.  And although MTV recently announced that they plan to air the series in the summer of 2015, things are not looking up for ‘Scream.’ Why? Read on and find out!

It’s been delayed—twice

As we mentioned before, Scream was originally supposed to air on TV relatively quickly after the release of Scream 4. This was likely because MTV wanted to capitalize on the sudden surge of interest in the series. However, this quick release was not to be, and the show was delayed. MTV announced in late 2013 that the show would finally be airing in the summer of 2014, with the possibility of a full season being picked up depending on the show’s ratings. And yet the summer of 2014 came and went with no sign of Scream—until MTV announced that they would actually be airing it in 2015!

scream-car-crash They may not be allowed to use Ghostface

Due to licensing and copyright issues associated with the popular ‘Ghostface’ character, MTV’s Scream TV series may not actually be allowed to use Ghostface in the series. In fact, MTV confirmed in early 2014 that they currently had no plans to include the character due to the copyright issue! This means no killers with the iconic mask and even more iconic voice. But what will Scream be without Ghostface? Without a ‘Ghostface’ killer, it may as well just be another teen murder mystery by any other name, rather than an entry in the Scream franchise.

It’s not relying on the Scream film mythos

Because the show’s writers will not be allowed to use a lot of the characters from the original Scream franchise, it will essentially be an unconnected story that has no ties to Sydney or any previous characters or storylines. The Scream franchise is intrinsically tied to Sydney Prescott and without any connection to the original films, the TV show will likely not hold much interest for fans of the show looking for some thrills on TV. You can find more information here.scream-victim